Visitors of Renob Episode 1EX3: Mystery of the Lilies Part 2

The second part to our epic mini-campaign starring the wonderful artists of Daughter of the Lilies! The gang discovers more clues involving the disappearance of the small village of Tiny Bottom’s alchemist. What ensues was described as “basically like the UPS man coming up to your door and stabbing you.”
Starring: Andrew as Shoot the Pixie, Chris as Flappy, Winston as Boom-Boom Boulderbreaker, Tony as Sir Dragoon, Clark as the DM, Tyler Rolfe as the unlucky bystander, and featuring Yoko as Nibbles McSkullypants and Meg as Lizzy (as drawn by her, below!)

By Meg
by Meg Syv! Look her up foo!

Also here is a link to Yoko’s picture of Nibbles!

A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast!

6 Comments on “Visitors of Renob Episode 1EX3: Mystery of the Lilies Part 2

  1. These were really fun!! I might have to listen to DnD podcests here more often. They’re great for semi-background listening. Love DotL, and it was fun to see the world a little here! G’job guys.

  2. Hello! Fan of the show, I learned about it when it was mentioned on reddit! Lenny is my favorite, keep making good episodes!

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