Month: July 2017

Legion of Renob Episode 2d35: The Chris Knight

Oh man oh man. The reign of Chris continues as he pushes us further down the path of complete insanity. Seebo does a magic and misses. Lenny does a horse and also misses. John Johnson meets a man named Steve. Mizetto stays completely silent all episode.

Starring: Clark as John Johnson, Tony as High King Seebo, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, and Chris as the DM still tho

Also, special thanks to our main Manuel! Thank you for this awesome drawing! Anyone who makes us fan art is a winner in our books

Legion of Renob Episode 2d34: Chris Begins

Finally we’re done with our dungeon crawl, and to the town of Respite or Refuge or whatever. But things get a little… weird?

Starring: Andrew as Mizetto, Tony as the High King Seebo, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, Clark as John Johnson(?), and Chris as the DM (?????)

Check out this wonderful rendition of Seebo by Looking for Group‘s own Lar DeSouza and colored by the ever fabulous Winston!

Legion of Renob Episode 2d33: 8 Door Dungeon Part 4

The boys go through one last trial to free themselves from the shackles of dungeon crawling and to the escape the King! Will they successfully get through without murdering everyone else? At least one person might not go home… undigested!

Starring: Andrew as Mizetto, Chris as Dragonface, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, Tony as the High King Seebo, and Clark as the Dungeon Master

Legion of Renob Episode 2d32: 8 Door Dungeon Part 3

The dungeoning continues with the visage of victory coming closer and closer into view, but there are still some trials to overcome! Also, the gang finds an uncomfortable glance into the potential future, if they meet their goals…

Starring: Winston as Lenny, Chris as Dragonface, Tony as High King Seebo, Andrew as Sexy Mizetto, and Clark the DM