Month: August 2017

Legion of Renob Episode 2d39: Conversations with a Dead Lord

The gang gets their shit together and finally decides to trod on towards the conclusion. Don’t let that fool you, they spend at least 15 minutes having a pointless conversation with people in magical glass orbs.

Starring: Tony as the High King Seebo, Chris as Dragonface, Andrew as Mizetto, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, and Clark as the Cat Herder

Visitors of Renob Episode EXd6: A Mid-Summer Nightmare

Renob is joined by another talented Dungeons and Dragons player by the name of Summer! Watch her stuff on twitch here!

The Royal Jelly Courier Service gets a new intern, Dottie, and take a trip to the deep south. And by that I mean hell.

Starring: Chris as Flappy the Aasimar Paladin, Bobby as Prad Bitt Human Monk, Winston as Benson “Boom-Boom” Boulderbreaker Explosive Cleric, Summer as Dottie Human Rogue, and Clark as the DM once again

This below is Summer’s official episode doodle!

Legion of Renob Episode 2d38: Chris Forever

The finale of the Chris arc. Chin Unleaded has a reckoning-a comin’. Probably.

Starring: Winston as Lenny, Andrew as Mizetto, Tony as High King Seebo, Clark as John Johnson, and Chris as the DM

Legion of Renob Episode 2d37: Chris Returns

Chris’ arc of lunacy continues as things get just that much more banana balls. The gang finishes what they started, and Chris learns all about the joys of running large combat. Tony does a PvP and Clark feels the salt. Mizetto is back and better than ever.

Starring: Andrew as Mizetto the Cleric Dward, Winston as Lenny Swifthands Half-Elf Rogue, Tony as High King Seebo Wizard Gnome, Clark as John Johnson Elven Paladin, and Chris as the DM. Yes, still

Also, apologies for the episode dates being all wonky recently. The editor’s work schedule got shifted. Rest assured we are going to keep posting weekly and we will likely cement a day of the later.

Legion of Renob Episode 2d36: The Chris Knight Rises

What’s scarier, one Dragonface-sized Terrasque or one Terrasque-sized Dragonface? Chris arc continues as we drift farther and farther down the path of insanity. Without Mizetto as a moral compass, things get a little… stabby?

Starring: Clark as John Johnson, Tony as the High King Seebo, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, and Chris as the DM