Month: December 2017

Desert of the Demilich Episode 5: Oops, Goodberry! Part 3

The boys go after the shrine, the bad guys, and save the kid. Chris may want to use him as a human shield. No, that really happens.

Starring: Chris as Mur’Dar, Bobby as Cramwell Imulnewon, Winston as Benson Muffins, Tony as Plick-Pluck, and Clark as the DM

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Desert of the Demilich Episode 4: Oops, Goodberry! Part 2

The gang reaches Goodberry after an unsuccessful interrogation, and find that things kinda suck a lot there right now

Starring: Tony as Plick-Pluck, Chris as Mur’dar, Winston as Benson Muffuns, Bobby as Cramwell Immelnewon, and Clark as the DM

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Desert of the Demilich Episode 3: Oops, Goodberry! Part 1

The gang leaves the town of Kimchi and heads towards Goodberry, learning about their new compatriot and being set upon by some mysterious banditos.

Starring: Tony as Plick-Pluck, Winston as Muffuns, Bobby as Cramwell Imelnewon, Chris as Mur’Dar, and Clark as the DM

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