Who are these weirdos?


Characters & Players

You'd never guess this guy would play Mister McMurderface

Character: Dragonface
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Fighter
About: Dragonface is a dual trident wielding asshole whose sole purpose in life is murdering things, soiling things, or notarizing things. He may or may not deal in Dwarven slavery. BLEEEUUUGGHGHH! Dragonface is "Chaotic """Neutral"""".

Player: Chris
About: Chris is that guy who would CENSORED. Chris does not knows the rules of D and D. but does know the rules of sweet lady justice.


Character: Mizetto
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
About: Mizetto is a Dwarven Cleric from the order of the beautiful beard. Having seen his family enslaved by dragonborn he ventures forth with greater purpose. Quite possibly the sanest guy on the team, he still follows Lenny Swifthands for some reason. Mizetto is Lawful Good.


Player: Andrew
About: Andrew, like Mizetto, is the stoic one on the team. Basically he's our Boba Fett.

Just as suave as his picture implies

Character: Lenny Swifthands
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Rogue
About: All Lenny wants is money honey. Could his scheme of becoming king of the pirates actually pan out? Or will the audience realize he even stole that idea? Lenny can smooth talk his way out of most anything and has swifthands to match, the archetypal rogue. Lenny is Chaotic Neutral.

Player: Winston
About: Winston is a graphic designer and illustrator who created all the beautiful drawings you see around the site. Handsome, charming, and humble.

A wizard fan wearing human skin

Character: High King Seebo
Race: Gnome
Class: Illusion Mage
About: High King Seebo travels the land with his trusted screech owl familiar Sergio in search of any survivors from his destroyed civilization in the forest of Gerbo. All Seebo knows is that a dragonborn killed his people in search of dwarven slaves. Seebo is a bit of an outsider having spent most of his time in the forests with his people and is always interested in learning new things. His time in the woods shows as Seebo is at times quite bizarre and pulls the occasional prank.  High King Seebo is Chaotic Good.


Player: Tony
About: Tony may or may not be a wizard. With the most gaming experience Tony assists with rules and provides a healthy dose of wizardly bullshit.

I am the walrus goob goob gajoob

Dungeon Master: Clark

About: Not much is known about the mysterious DM besides the fact he hates the sound of his own voice and he stutters like a broken carburetor.