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Various podcasts we’re publishing through the Legion of Renob!

Legion of Renob Episode 2d46: To Kill a King (Finale!) Part 2

Long live the King! Part 2 of 2. Also, stick around after the theme for some at the tavern talk!

Starring: Andrew as Mizetto the Dwarven Cleric, Chris as Dragonface the Dragonborn Fighter, Tony as the High King Seebo the Wizard Gnome, Winston as Lenny Swifthands the Half-Elf Rogue, and Clark as the Dee Em

Legion of Renob Episode 2d44: Just Like Old Times

“You came here to kill us, and now you’re back with us. Just like oooooold tiiiiimes.” ~Dragonface

Face the gang as they plan the final attack. Expect the finale next week!

Starring: Tony as the High King Seebo, Andrew as Mizetto, Chris as Dragonface, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, and Clark as the DM

Legion of Renob Episode 2d43: Loose Ends Part 2

The second part of the loose ends episode. Will the gang be able to get to the King Eternal without dying? Probably.

Starring the same people as part 1, listen to that first!

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Legion of Renob Episode 2d42: Loose Ends Part 1

The gang faces an old foe. And then a few more old foes. One of which has sticks for hands.

Starring: Winston as Lenny Swifthands, Andrew as Mizetto, Chris as Dragonface, Tony as High King Seebo, and Clark as the PAGE MASTER


Legion of Renob Episode 2d41: The Dumbest War Council

The gang gets together with the resistance and the leaders of the other armies now converging on the Land Eternal after the defense grid was knocked out. Professional courtesy is not something these boys get.

Starring: Andrew as Mizetto, Winston as Lenny, Tony as Seebo, Chris as Dragonface, and Clark as the DM

Also, enjoy this excellent drawing of Truce-Breaker by Bane of Kings!

Legion of Renob Episode 2d40: The Return of the Spooky Kabuki

The Legion fights an old foe from 24 episodes ago. Mizetto rolls high initiative and basically does everything. The King Eternal gets picked next for the bucket list.

Starring: Winston as Lenny, Andrew as Mizetto, Chris as Dragonface, Tony as the High King Seebo, and Clark as the DM

Winston and Chris made a comic! Mother Nature and the Eco Friends <- Click this link the go buy a copy! Also, check out this fan art our Manuel made! We love you Manuel, thanks!