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Desert of the Demilich Episode 6: Oops, Goodberry! Part 4

These boys get planning on their robodino heist.

Beep boop, son, beep boop.

Starring: Tony as Plick-Pluck, Winston as Benson Muffins, Chris as Mur’Dar, Bobby as Cramwell Emellnoguon, and Clark as the DM

Also, check out the Spellcast! Lovely show!

Legion of Renob Episode 2d45: To Kill a King (Finale!) Part 1

Long Live the King! Part 1 of 2

Starring: Andrew as Mizetto the Dwarven Cleric, Chris as Dragonface the Dragonborn Fighter, Tony as the High King Seebo the Wizard Gnome, and Clark as the GM

Legion of Renob Episode 2d36: The Chris Knight Rises

What’s scarier, one Dragonface-sized Terrasque or one Terrasque-sized Dragonface? Chris arc continues as we drift farther and farther down the path of insanity. Without Mizetto as a moral compass, things get a little… stabby?

Starring: Clark as John Johnson, Tony as the High King Seebo, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, and Chris as the DM

Legion of Renob Episode 1d20: NoHoldsBard, We Hardly Knew Ye

The gang get together to finish their business on the Isle of NoHoldsBard so they can move onto their next adventure. Dragonface recruits some toughs, Lenny pays for his mistakes, Seebo gets some magicians, and Mizetto is cool as a cucumber.

Starring: Chris as Dragonface, Andrew as Mizetto, Tony as the High King Seebo, Winston as Lenny Swifthands, and Clark as the DM

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